How to recognize your kids’ talent

Most of us wonder- How talented others are, What talent do we have, what talent my child is going to have, what talent my child has.

We wonder what we have inherited because most of the talents are brought up naturally. But, while thinking of all these we forget to mention the sheer hard work that is needed to groom this talent.

Similarly, when it comes to our own children, we seek out their potential and encourage them to adopt those skills, whether they want to or not. This can rebound, and even discourage the kids even before they find their true passion

There are ways you can discover the skills of your child

  1. Don’t Rush : one common mistake that parents make is involving kids in too many activities without understanding what the child wants to do. This leads to unwanted competition that over pressurizes the  mind of the child
  2. It’s Okay to make a mistake : Follow this rule to let kids learn from their mistakes. It is commonly said that we all grow after rising from our mistakes. Hence, make children realise that it is okay to make mistakes.
  3. Nurture parent-child relationship : It is of utmost importance  that parents build a healthy relationship with their kids based on love, support, rather than becoming angry/ annoyed at mistakes and setbacks. 
  4. Progress is the key : Do not let your child run after being a perfectionist. Infact, make them realise the actual key to success is being a better version of themselves with every passing day. They need to focus on progress rather than perfection.

Give them your back and let them flourish:  Last but not the least, one must step back after the child finds his/her talent to let them flourish and show you the best of them with time. This does not mean you leave your child, it says step behind to watch them do wonders with your unseen support.

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